We stock a large range of PPE ensuring that you and your teams are covered against health and safety risks wherever they may be working.
We have agreements in place with multiple manufacturers meaning that regardless to if you need: eye protection, hearing protection, respiratory protection (RPE), Hand protection, High Visibility, Disposable Workwear or footwear, not only can we provide what you need we can help you explore options to fit the safety standards you need in the price range you set.
Branded PPE

To compliment the wide array of PPE we offer, we have in house production facilities, stickered Hard hats, embossed hard hats, fully branded Hi-vis ranges allow for your Protection Equipment to look as on brand as your uniforms. Our in house graphics teams will design your new hi-vis, your rebranded hard hats, to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your new equipment.   So it doesn’t matter if you need your customer’s logo, your main contractor’s logo or even your subcontractor’s logo we will design and produce exactly what you need. 
Protection Materials

Giving the perfect finish for your customers is the goal of any service provider, we have all the materials needed to ensure that surfaces that need to be protected are. Protection boards, fully fire rated are available, for next day delivery, we have in our northern warehouse the facilities to fully brand the protection boards meaning that if you need branded correx we can stock it for you and with a quick call, your stocked boards will be on their way to you next day. Combined with a full array of Tapes (branded tape is available), polythene sheeting, door-jam protectors, dust sheets and everything a site will need we provide a one stop shop for all your protection needed.
First Aid & Fire Safety

Our Total solutions mentality means that covering the supplies needed for an emergency are essential, we have a full range of first aid kits, eye wash stations and even the individual elements to replenish each of the kits in the event that elements have been used such as bandages, eye pods and dressings. Complimented by a full range of new, labelled, commissioned fire extinguishers, the same delivery that brings your fire extinguishers can also provide fire points, fire stands, fire trolleys and the howler fire alarm.
Timber & Plywood

Due to the wide array of wood that can be needed we have partners throughout the industry, so we can source what you need, compare prices from multiple suppliers and once you have made your decision we can bring it to you with the rest of your order or organise that particular date and time that it needs to be delivered. So with one call or enquiry our trusted network of partners are here with us ready to help.
Signage & Large Format Print

Our in house Signage team can manufacture a wide array of custom signage. This growing dedicated signage department has all the machines needed to produce simple branded site safety signs through to airmesh banners, hoardings and even large vinyl covers to be used on a variety of surfaces.
Clothing & Branded Clothing

Separate from out office and signage facilities we have a department all centred around clothing, experts in materials and branding the team understands the intracies of each manufacturer and can make sure that whatever your branding needs are we not only can do it, but we can guide you on getting the best look. So whether it’s a simple branded bag, embrioded garments or multi branded intricate design on a soft shell jacket, our design team will ensure that your vision is put on paper, and our clothing department will make it come real.
Janitorial Supplies

Whether a home, an office or a construction site there will always be a need for some janitorial supplies, as such we stock a huge variance of janitorial ranges to ensure that our customers, no matter if it is a residential cleaner with a small team or a large multi storey office block being managed by an army, we can provide what is needed in the quantity that needed.
Canteen Equipment & Supplies

Lunch time, breaks, even quickly grabbing a coffee, canteen and kitchen supplies ensure that your teams have what they need. To ensure that we provide the total supply solution you need, the same delivery driver bringing you your hard hats and hoover can also bring you the fridge, the tables and chairs and even the tea bags and milk you need to keep the team happy and productive.
Consumables & Small Tools

Sledgehammers and paint brushes through to transformers and drills, our wide array of stocked items and supply partners mean that we can provide what you need, to do the job you have. We can guide you through options available to achieve the task or source that specialist item that you already know you want. We are certain that even if the item is not it our core product range our procurement team will source the correct product at the right price.
Office Supply & Equipment

Printers, computers, desks, pens and post-it notes, the things that keep the offices running, we stock a full range of supplies. This is a crucial element of our solution allowing us to offer a full 360o service, helping our customers keep existing offices supplied and setting up new offices.
Graphic Design & Branding Support

We understand that your image, your brand, is an essential part of your business, the slight discrepancy in the shade of your shirts or the pantone not being right in your embrioded logo, can stand out to the keen eye. We are passionate about this, our graphics team can follow and adhere to your current brand guidelines no matter how strict or even help you with the rebranding of your established brand.
Reserved Stock & consignment stock

Under taking a large project with limited on-site storage? We have the solution for you. We can carefully plan out the supply of needed items to be delivered when you need it by reserving the necessary stock and holding it in one of our multiple designated bays. We expanded this offering to consignment stock meant that the items which you want to use on the next site we can store too for you reducing waste, aligning actual practices with a greener environmental policy and helping you spread the cost of equipment across multiple projects. 
Onsite Services

With a minefield of regulations that must be adhered to these days, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of red tape that must be negotiated. With our extensive range of onsite services we can take much of this stress away. Services include; Fire Extinguisher Servicing, Face Fit testing, Tool-box Talks, Hoarding fitting, PPE evaluations and much more.
Logistic Solutions

With so many concurrent projects running at once migrating equipment from one site to another can become so complex that instead it is discarded and re-purchased. As much as this service can be extremely profitable for suppliers we view things differently. By offering a complete logistic solution for the relocation of assets and site equipment, Remote delivery services to consolidate multiple deliveries into a single organised delivery, short and mid-term storage where required, we will ensure significant reductions in waste, costs, disruption to sites, delays in missed deliveries and all around productivity.

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